Her secret life in the sky   Leave a comment


When she flies her whole body is a paper project

in the hands of the sky. molecules mold her

her skin is silky, airborn, important.


Anxious birds make way as she spirals and skyrockets

her wings shimmy against stubborn growling clouds

raindrops are constant, stringing through her pores


Her eyes are pearls, almost white but also blue

the awfulness of unspoken worlds live there

and the shape of them are cold.


When she lands, the stars quieten down

there are beaks, claws, watermarks on her arms

also remaining is the suggestion of her smile.


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Intrusion   Leave a comment


He held my hands tight over his chest

the beast living under his skin, he said

all uneven cells and threads, he sighed

explaining how he was put together.


He introduced me to his bruises and scars

like kittens growling in a messy litter

all at once I understood his head

the madness and the shivers.


A careful gaze into his eyes, I meant

to repair but instead became an intruder

a visitor on this unstable bridge

too big for a small rate of survival.


He pulled my face into his cotton shirt

the smell of something rotten lingered

just below the most reassuring blend

of love and a case of death closely shed.


We ended that moment the usual way

He went to bed and there I stayed

Completely overwhelmed by half affection

and an underlying tone of goodbye.

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Sempiternal   Leave a comment


It churns in the teacup, separating
it folds into paper like un-kept confetti
it creases up in bed like thin cotton
leaving a growing warmth
I don’t know where to put this love.

I don’t know who to show it to
when I wear it on the tips on my fingers
or present it on the afternoon news
artists fail to derive from it
nothing captures it truly

I don’t beg that it remains, in prayer
or convince myself of it in the bath
when I am drowning from the boredom of normalcy
I don’t force it to be cleaner or brighter
I am sure it is an eternal thing.

I am so sure it belongs to me
from the way I tackled it out of the sky
and laid in down in my home, on my floor
and scrawled an untidy confession
on its back bones while it was sleeping.

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Verses of decay   Leave a comment


I woke up with trail marks on my arms
rats that littered over my warm skin
And scurried home after my dreaming of them.

My eyelashes are a mess
There is a soft frizzy one
right near the iris
I can feel it reddening my eye
If I cry now I can blame it
on this, or on the empty wine
glass sleeping nearby

Hours have past, and I can still smell
their decay and (i think) loneliness
flung over my arm hairs like
a damp rug or moldy bread.
I imagine rats that way
though I don’t know them from anywhere
but my dreaming.

I wonder what they saw in me
Something short of a human girl
fascinated by the headache that
never stops living above my eyes
crookedly asleep in my brows
every time I blame it for my frowning.

My skin felt foreign for days after that
I kept circling around the backyard of my brain
I weighed myself in search of extra life
Sleeping becomes undone by things
squeaking, angular, rotting.

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Where you were, before   Leave a comment


I look for you as I’ve always done
On surfaces, floors, wallpaper, my nose denting the top skin of the dust as I scour the edges
Of a small world

I’m certain you are close by
I feel it like a strain of horrible
Pins and needles that connect
All the dots and then scatter them over me like a dare

I brush my hair and you are announcing yourself in the static

I climb stairs and I don’t look behind me for the way it looks when no one follows

I cook and make a gorgeous chicken and I’m not proud

I rearrange furniture out of boredom and the kettle gets cold in the fridge

I forget to lock doors. I forget where I am when I change out of my clothes.

I knock myself out before I can fall asleep for real. A smack in the gut that burns me.

I put off all the lights when I go to bed and maybe you on your way in. Cold toed and blurry eyed

The clouds detail and depth are not ever a subject anymore

I touch my cheeks and the softness is enough to derail me so I’ve stopped washing my face

I take Myself off at night and might have left myself in the laundry basket weeks ago

If you were here you’d be here
If you were here I’d be

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Seasonal Illness   Leave a comment


I’m not particular about seasons, anymore

In the past, my ears withered in winter and I miss
they way it worsened my hearing, miss
having an excuse to look away

And the tacit redirecting of the wind
the charcoal sunset diluted
and muddy on the wall.

It has been spring for weeks now
pivoting and shedding light
while I remain dormant

I have overslept in this rehearsal
time the enormous mollusk,
croaking and collapsible.


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Time Turner   Leave a comment


ten fingers
ten toes
lights on
life song

orange peels
dusty drawers
curtain grease
rotting floors

eyes lids up
eye lids down
sheets damp
legs cramp

steps stretching
hand sketching
nails breaks
asleep. awake.

strange smelling
bitter air
breathing out,
staying there

stuck inside
hands printing
palms wetting
eyes sweating

hours pass
grass grows
flies fall
dreams drawl.

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